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Hot Flashes of Insight


As I wean off these hormone replacements that I’ve been on since my late 20’s, I’m experiencing hot flashes. It’s not surprising or strange, it’s simply a natural symptom. However, it’s VERY inconvenient. It wakes me up at night 2-3 times. I scramble out of bed to cool down, drink some cold water, walk around until the just-got-out-of-the-sauna feeling passes. It happens during dinner, in a meeting, while I’m listening attentively to someone’s story, while I’m paying bills or standing at the grocery store checkout. I’m not a fan (pun accidental) of this symptom.

I am thankful however, that what this is doing is causing my Endometriosis to go dormant and I can find relief from abdominal pain - so I understand that it is more valuable than the inconvenience.

On my phone I have an app that allows me to make lists. I LOVE lists! One particular list I have is my ‘daily list’ and it reminds me of the essential things that when done, build a strong foundation to all other things. This past year, I’ve included three times of prayer per day: prayer for my family, for my friends and neighbours, and for my church. I’ve been minimally successful at remembering this. At the end of the day, I review my list and see how it went. Often, those prayer checkboxes have remained empty, while feed the dog, do laundry and read books are checked off right away.

Today I thought, if only I had some kind of physical reminder, some obvious, inconvenient interruption to my daily life that would cause me to remember to pray . . . hot flash!

According to my calculations, my hot flashes take about 3 minutes to arrive, settle in, cause a disturbance and then leave. That is plenty of time to pray!

A quote from my reading tonight…

“Let us look on every brother or sister (or symptom) who irritates or troubles us as God’s means of grace. Let us look on him or her as God’s instrument for our purification, for our exercise of the humility that Jesus, our Life, breathes within us. And let us have such faith in the all of God and the nothing of self, so that we may, in God’s power, seek only to serve one another in love.” Andrew Murray, Humility

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