Learning the unforced rhythms of grace



I am a reader, writer, lover of coffee and curious about what God is up to in my own and other people's lives. Randy and I have been married for 26 years and we have two young adult sons – who we think are amazing.

Having lived with a chronic illness and pain for most of my adult life, God has done a renovation in my heart. He's shown me that He loves me regardless of what I can "do" and that He won't let me settle for finding my identity in anything but his love. When we say YES to His love, everything changes! We find out who He is, who we are and what our life purpose can be about. Our pain or circumstances may not go away but the ground under our feet becomes solid, our heart gains courage, compassion grows and we are able to see way beyond our present circumstances. This website is a place to tell some of those stories. 

Randy and I live in Edmonton, Alberta where he works from home as an artist (check him out here!) and I manage the daily home stuff, pay bills, feed the dog etc. I spend my time writing and reading and currently working on my third book called "The Art of Pain Management".  It's going to be a light hearted, fully illustrated, survival guide for living with chronic pain . You can follow me on instagram as I post little examples of what I'm working on. I have the privilege of mentoring a few people, serving on our church leadership team and recently graduated with a Masters of Theological Studies degree from Taylor Seminary. All that to say, when people ask me what I do . . . I find it hard to explain. :)

I also explore my creative side with this little craft business.  Check it out!   sockart.ca