Learning the unforced rhythms of grace


Summer Rabbits


My dog and I met a construction guy. His crew was in the midst of hoisting a huge telephone pole up and into a hole in the ground. As I approached the scene, hoping for a way around the truck, I anticipated he would wave me by for my own safety but he didn't. He was grinning at something.  I came closer for a better look.

A rabbit was trapped, without an exit, between him, the truck and me and my dog. It hopped nervously in the middle of the alley.

I walked up to this sun weathered guy and he yelled loud enough for me to hear over the roar of the truck,  "He doesn't know what to do!"  I smiled back at him and waited until the rabbit figured out a way to get past the truck and down the alley to safety.

Summer. We see things differently.  It is not a desperate season of coping. We seem to have room in our mind and hearts to notice things, small things and find enjoyment in them regardless of what is going on around us.

Mark Buchanan has written a book called "Spiritual Rhythm - Being with Jesus every season of your soul". He talks about summer being a time of walking in sight. In winter, both in weather and in our souls, we tend to walk by faith, holding tightly and often desperately, to the truth about who God is. In the summer, we believe easier, see the answers, feel the blessings and experience joy. He suggests we learn to savor this season.

He also suggests we guard our hearts from becoming dehydrated by continuing to come to God for nourishment and renewal.

But instead of rehearsing an old routine of spending time with God this summer, permit yourself to try something new. Sit outside with your breakfast. Read your Bible in your favorite park, build a bonfire in the evening or skip church and walk the river valley. Be enamored by the small things that interrupt your day and keep your eyes open for the rabbits.