Learning the unforced rhythms of grace


Give up on church?


Just when I look around church on Sunday and wonder "Why do we do church like this? Is this really effective? Is this really how it was meant to be? Is there a better way?"  I am usually humbled to overhear these kinds of stories:

A couple read a 'best-seller' book about marriage (that I avoided because EVERYONE was reading it) and it profoundly changed their lives.

A woman joined an English class hosted by our church and met a friend. They now have English and  friendship.

A man builds wooden toys for a homeless shelter. There was a need and he just built them. No major statements or commitments, he just built toys.

An elderly woman with a sore hip makes sandwiches for a young mother who is overwhelmed with raising her four children.

Jesus is here . . .  risen and living in the souls of each believer. And somehow we gather in our various expressions of church around the world and attempt to worship God in all his goodness from our limited understanding and experience. We try to love each other. And we fail miserably and we succeed gloriously! And God is thrilled that we gather together.

Give up on church?  No.

Learn to love it as God does - Yes - this must be our prayer.