Learning the unforced rhythms of grace


Cold hands


I made Rice Krispie squares the other day. No big deal, just a normal feed-the-teenagers kind of day. But something profound crossed my mind as I finished the task.  The only way to get the gooey, sticky, warm mixture into a usable form was to rinse my hands under cold water and firmly press the warm mixture down into the pan. The opposite temperature and pressure was needed to create the finished product.

Sometimes, we feel that the best way and only way to love each other is with a soft, warm demeanor. Ideally, that seems easier, less conflict, less pain, less awkward. But what if that doesn't actually do anything. What if a word or action that is colder or more firm actually brings about the desired result. Are we willing to do that?

Take a moment this week and read through Jesus' words in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Listen to his tone of voice. Watch his actions. Observe the warm, sticky, gooey moments of need that people have and watch how Jesus addresses it. There is something perfect about how he relates and responds. It is what is needed in order to change that person into what they were meant to be.

Let's not be fearful in following Jesus' example. Let us learn to love each other in bold love . . . with our highest goal to see each of us become who God is creating us to be. For that, we need each other's honest, firm words.

Be courageous!