Learning the unforced rhythms of grace



I love spring. I wandered around Home Depot yesterday to look through their gardening section. I had four things on my list to purchase but by the time I had gone through the strategically placed signs, sales and shiny, ever-so-efficient garden tools, I was justifying a much larger list. Home Depot kindly reminded me that my list was not enough. I needed more. In fact, to go home with my four items would be to settle for less. I mean, think of how great my backyard could look . . .

"Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city." Proverbs 16:32

What would it mean to enter spring with self-control and patience? What would it be like to observe the green grass coming up (maybe patchy) regardless of any work that I do myself? Would I hear the birds? Would I take time to go for a walk? Would I lift my head up to see my neighbours and take time to say hello? Would I be content with a patchy lawn, but some great relaxation and times with friends and family?

Living with endometriosis means that I am constantly reminded of my limitations. My intentions could be great regarding yard work, but when pain hits, I may get nothing done. If my security and identity is not grounded in Jesus and his love for me, then the constant interruptions of pain would be discouraging and leave a sense of 'lacking' in my spirit and in my yard.

So, I managed to emerge from Home Depot with my four items and resist the things that were beyond my budget. I enjoyed a slow and leisurely hour in the yard today. And now, I need to rest.

Sometimes, I feel that pain and illness is a strange gift. It offers me the opportunity to hold things loosely and hold onto what really matters.

May you know God's love for you today, observe the beauty of spring that He has already started for you, and enter the season with self-control and patience. And may the fruit of the season be a heart that is well rested and content . . . as well as whatever you're growing out there in your yard!

Happy Spring.