Learning the unforced rhythms of grace


Waiting Room


A few years ago I wrote a kids' story about a waiting room. The premise of it was about a little boy waiting  in a medical clinic. He was bored, swinging his legs in his chair and looking around the room. A custodian walked by and swept a little pile of dust and left it right beside the boy's feet. He looked at the custodian who winked and walked away. The boy looked closely at the dustpile and noticed an eraser. He picked it up and dusted it off on his leg. To his surprise, his leg disappeared. So, he rubbed the eraser on his other leg and it disappeared too. He then, as you can imagine, continued to erase his whole body until he became invisible . . . and then the fun began.

I thought about that story this morning. So many times in our adult lives we are waiting for something . . . and we feel bored and restless.  We want to get on with a new job, a clear diagnosis, an improved relationship, a different season, a completed course or a finished project. But we're waiting, and we don't like it. 

God longs to give us His Presence and His life within the midst of our circumstances. He loves to initiate life where there is none. He loves to give ideas where we feel stumped. He loves to give wisdom instead of solving problems for us. Somehow, I get the feeling that He trusts us to be able to do something creative with our circumstances and doesn't have to spell it all out for us, like the old Batman and Robin monologues!

I encourage you today, to allow God to nudge your imagination as you are in your 'waiitng room'. Look around. Is there a way to have some fun where you are? Can you be creative in the boring places? Is there life to be found right at your feet rather than when you're out of the room? Perhaps you're missing out on what could be right now...by waiting for what is coming later?

Look around. Maybe you'll find something that could be fun while you wait! Let it be an exercise of faith and trust in God who does know what comes next.