Learning the unforced rhythms of grace


How do you describe you?

Did you know an otter carries a rock with him? He tucks it in a little pouch in his fur that is designed especially for this purpose. He's the only animal that keeps a tool with him at all times and uses it to open clams. 

I've been watching a Netflix series called "72 cutest animals" while I make my sock animals and have been amazed at some of the unique traits that each of these animals have.

The narrator describes how social the animal is, what it likes to eat, how it interacts with other animals, what its defence mechanisms are and how it sleeps. 

When people ask me, "Heather, what do you do?" I often stumble on the answer. But if you followed me around for a week, you would CLEARLY see what I do, what I like to eat, how I interact with others, what my defence mechanisms are and how I sleep. 

So why do I stumble to explain? I guess, I feel at times that to describe myself accurately in my uniqueness is not enough.

Today, I imagined that the narrator of the show I just watched would describe me. Turn on your English accent and listen in . . . 

Heather is a unique and loveable creature. Her hair is blonde but she dyes it every two months to postpone the grey a little longer. She is 5'4" and has somewhat of a Scottish build to her. She could probably throw an axe or toss a log if she had to.

She is quiet by nature but loves to interact with others in meaningful and fun ways. Then, she happily retreats to her home where she enjoys quiet times of reading, writing and creating. She is loyal to her family and puts them before anyone else. She values her home and keeps it stocked with food and welcomes visitors in freely. The source of her joy and contentment comes from God as through an illness and chronic pain she has learned to depend on Him for everything. She knows that her value does not come from 'doing' but 'being loved by God'. This has given her a thankful spirit and so she is grateful for many things.

She loves a cup of hot coffee in the morning and curls up in the sunshine on the couch with her dog. She loves games, good movies and lights candles when the sun goes down. She is barefoot most of the time and wears a dress only at weddings. Her defence mechanisms are to appear strong and invincible . . . but has adapted over time to show her softer side a little more regularly. Her leaky eyes are indications of this adaptation. 

She often feels that her contribution to the world is not big enough . . . but she daily trusts her Creator that He knows what He is doing and she can be faithful in the daily, ordinary tasks to which He has given her to do.  

Hey, that's not bad! I might even enjoy hanging around someone like that. Perhaps I need to celebrate my uniqueness a little more. After all, how boring would it be if we were all exactly the same?

So . . . now over to you. How do you describe you?